Starting at the foundation

Brain@Work Essential Movements integrate automatic primitive reflexes and create a solid foundation for all learning, personal development and inner growth, coping with daily challenges and stress.


Brain@WORK in School

Research shows that physical activity increases children’s capacity to learn and interact. Brain@Work has developed various functional activities that help children’s development of fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and social skills.

Brain@Work facilitates children’s learning process in a healthy way. The activities have a positive affect on concentration, focus, memory, creativity and building stress resilience.

The exercises can be performed in the classroom, in the hallway and at the playground, with a wide variety of short active pauses, special group activities and the opportunity of individual practice.

BRAIN@work at the OFFICE

Brain@Work at the office are activities that are adapted to the workplace to increase your health and well-being while being at work. This empowers you to maintain your workforce and to feel good at work.

These exercises build body strength, better posture and balance and optimize brain activity.

Brain@Work exercises result in higher productivity, better concentration and awareness, reduce stress level, break down monotonous work, provide energy, prevent burnout and decrease the risk of getting ill. 

As employer you can provide your employees opportunity to exercise during the working day. 

Create Your Active Environment

Brain@Work improves focus, concentration, productivity and social interaction and reduces bad posture, stress, fatigue and boredom.

Use these short exercises several times per day in fun and effective way.



Active sitting makes you stretch your body and activate muscles of your back and core, improve posture and increase blood circulation.


By standing up you increase energy levels and blood circulation throughout the body, you gain better posture and balance.


With movement the ability to concentrate is heightened and you are more productive, you increase strength, flexibility and stability.

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